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Thursday, April 11, 2002

I've finally gotten my act together and set up this site. There's not much here yet but I am working on it.

I created Stuartistry to provide a gallery for my photos and photo art. In addition, I wanted to give something back to the Internet community so I've added sections for reviews, tips and tutorials on various topics.

My About page tells a bit about me and how I constructed this site. There are links there and on my Links page to the products and services I used. It's the least I could do for those hard working individuals who provide such excellent resources, some of them for free!

Use the links below or at the left to browse around. Some locations are currently empty. Check back at the News page for a list of latest additions.

Last Updated: 05/21/03

I saw... I clicked... I photographed!!

Last Updated: 05/07/02

When the mood hits you gotta go with it. I made some of my photos into artwork using Photoshop and other tools.

Last Updated: 04/11/02

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Check out some first person accounts here.

Last Updated: 06/05/02

Quickies, code snippets. They're all here!

Last Updated: 04/05/02

Wanna learn about photography, Photoshop, CityDesk, or coding in general? Look here!

Last Updated: 05/19/03

Just when I thought the age of the computer hobbiest was over, along comes HTPC.