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Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Many years ago both my parents learned how to paint in oils. My mom still has an assortment of their artwork hanging at home.  My grandfather also took up oil painting. His attempts were less successful. His colorblindness was a problem and one of his paintings included smiling cows.

Well, I may have inherited some of their artistic ability but I also inherited a bit of my grandfather's colorblindness. I used to sketch things when I was a kid but trying to make fine distinctions between colors remains a challenge. The computerized art studio and digital darkroom changed all that for me.

Yes, I can do simple color correction and adjustments by the numbers but I can also do some highly creative modifications. Some of the techniques were picked up on the Internet and appropriate acknowledgements accompany the artwork. Other effects were achieved with commercial software.

Last Updated: 05/11/02

The first effect I tried was turning some photos into watercolor-like paintings. I've since learned a number of techniques which is important because each photo reacts differently to being manipulated in this way.