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Web Site Development
Monday, August 19, 2002 would not have been possible without the information and products from these sites. I hope you find them as useful.

  • PowWeb - Provides inexpensive and reliable web hosting. I am an affiliate at PowWeb so please mention if you sign up with them.
  • CityDesk - Provides a simple way to maintain the content of my site. It uses templates to render the pages so you can concentrate more on writing than on layout. I am also an affiliate at Fog Creek, the company that produces CityDesk. If you order from them, please link there from this site immediately before ordering.
  • FogCreek - Provides content management (CityDesk) and bug tracking (BugTracker) software. I get a commission on the sales of either of these products as long as you click a link from my site to theirs immediately before making a purchase.
  • John Galt's Tools - Provides FrontPage templates. Take it from me, it is much easier to create a professional looking site from a template than starting from scratch yourself. The templates may be purchased on-line at PixelMill.
  • PixelMill - Provides web templates from various vendors and markets them on-line.