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Brooklyn, The Subway and Show Biz
Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I suppose my interest in trains and show business started about the same time. I was around 5 years old and my stage-mother hopeful mom got me on a popular daytime talk show. Ok, so they called the host a teacher and just about anyone could get on the show.  Unlike Bill Mumy, Romper Room didn't launch my child acting career. It did, however, spark my interest in show business. I spent most of the time looking around and trying to understand the technology.

At five I was learning about monitors that underscan so that you can see all of what the camera sees. I learned about camera techniques. "Sit next to the teacher so you will be on camera more." My mom didn't miss a trick!

We lived in Brooklyn so I had to take the subway to Romper Room each day. I loved looking out of the front of the train. This desire frustrated my mother because some of the subway cars had windows that were too high for me to see out of. I would make her wait for the next train when that happened.


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